Saturday, 30 April 2011

Get Involved with Child Sponsorship

Get Involved on How to Sponsor a Child.

There are many ways and various levels that you can be involved with indigenous missions.

You can . . .

Pray. All indigenous ministries and the missionaries that work with them are in need of your prayers. They fight many spiritual battles, and the prayers of God’s people on their behalf are of immeasurable value.

Receive. Keep yourself informed/listed On How to Sponsor a child that will come to your email address on a regular basis.

Tell. A simple way to introduce friends and others to an Organization is to send them an email with instructions on how to get to the website.

Give. Of course, in many tangible, concrete ways you can assist indigenous ministries by giving out of the resources that God has given you.

Be Involve and experience the Blessings.

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