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Get Involved with Child Sponsorship

Get Involved on How to Sponsor a Child.

There are many ways and various levels that you can be involved with indigenous missions.

You can . . .

Pray. All indigenous ministries and the missionaries that work with them are in need of your prayers. They fight many spiritual battles, and the prayers of God’s people on their behalf are of immeasurable value.

Receive. Keep yourself informed/listed On How to Sponsor a child that will come to your email address on a regular basis.

Tell. A simple way to introduce friends and others to an Organization is to send them an email with instructions on how to get to the website.

Give. Of course, in many tangible, concrete ways you can assist indigenous ministries by giving out of the resources that God has given you.

Be Involve and experience the Blessings.

Sponsor A Child

Sponsor A Child

You can personally sponsor a needy child. When they get fed, clothed, educated, and cared for in a loving environment, you experience the joy of sponsorship!

Millions of children in Asia, Africa and Latin America are destitute. Wars and natural disasters have added to the distress in some areas. Even many who live with their own parents go hungry, wear rags, and don't go to school because their parents are unable to find work and therefore can't pay local school fees. Many children wander the streets looking for scraps of food. Most suffer from malnutrition. Sometimes their fate is much worse. Many are abused. Some are kidnapped and used as slaves.

Thousands of needy children are cared for in children's homes operated by indigenous groups. Regular support from sponsors helps provide daily food, clothing, shelter, and Bible teaching by native workers.
Some needy children are assisted while they live with their parents or relatives. 

The aid sent by sponsors enables such children to have proper nutrition and to afford an education by buying school uniforms and books. This kindness usually results in the child and the whole family turning to Christ. Sometimes missionaries with big hearts and small budgets take needy children into their own homes and raise them as their own children.

Check your Local Communities How you can HELP.

What Is Child Sponsorship?

What Is Child Sponsorship?

The best way to help a child is to help his community become a better place in which to grow up.

The ultimate goal is to see families and communities reach a point of self-sufficiency, thereby giving the child a better, healthier world in which to live.

As a sponsor, you will be making a real difference in a needy child's life...and help make the world a better place. 

Visit your own community to learn about  How you can help sponsor a child.